Accommodating qos prediction

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Network administrators can use Qo S to efficiently manage their resources and to ensure that high-priority applications receive preferential treatment without adversely affecting the performance of more typical network traffic.Various network technologies support Qo S, but the focus of this document is on Qo S for IP-based networks.The recent rapid growth in the number of bandwidth-intensive and time-sensitive applications, such as IP telephony, video conferencing, and other multimedia applications, often puts a strain on networks and keeps network administrators busy balancing capacity and performance.Windows Server 2003 Quality of Service (Qo S) is a group of components that can differentiate traffic flows so that higher-priority traffic receives preferential treatment.Further, many companies have different ideas of how to incorporate the technology and what they seek to gain from it.For instance, some companies may rely on desktop-based solutions that are ideal for ad hoc meetings.Although the concept of Qo S encompasses a variety of standards and mechanisms, Qo S for Windows Server 2003 IP-based networks is centered on traffic control, which includes mechanisms for prioritization and traffic shaping (the smoothing of traffic bursts).Qo S can be used in any network environment in which bandwidth, latency, jitter, and data loss must be controlled for mission-critical software, such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications, or for latency-sensitive software, such as video conferencing, IP telephony, or other multimedia applications.

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The Value of Videoconferencing A recent report from Transparency Market Research highlights the increasing popularity of videoconferencing as an essential enterprise asset.What’s more, EUBra-BIGSEA is providing clear proof of application in real-world settings.The project is developing a set of applications for the detection and prediction of traffic jams, identifying the most pleasant routes and improving the quality of the information from transportation routes.With a technical focus on the design, implementation, and evaluation of cloud services, data analytics tools, and security solutions to enable dependable Big Data applications, the workshop also marked a key turning point for EUBra-BIGSEA developments.The project is now reaching an important milestone with the release of the Qo S cloud services and porting of the programming models to benefit from the functionalities of these components.

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