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Plus, who knows more about dating than a man who dated prolifically for 15 years, studied 10 years on every angle of the subject, and finally found what he was looking for after following his own dating advice? Keep reading to learn about what it’s like to work with me as your dating coach. They're always wondering if there's something they can do differently. (Hint: it's fun, exciting, and life-changing, but don't let me bias you in any way.) Who are your typical clients?

If you like what you’re hearing and want to grab them, keep on reading.It's about understanding the opposite sex and developing a greater sense of self-awareness. My typical clients are smart, successful, good catches frustrated at dating and confused about the opposite sex.It's about figuring out what's holding you back, and moving you forward without obstacles. My clients are serious about finding a long-term relationship with lots of love to give but no one to give it to.Thank youvisualization, or some of the other popular manifestations of this technique, but most likely do not fully know what it is.Basically if you spend some time each day visualizing (yes, imagining) YOUR idea, exactly what you have decided what you want. And believe 100% that by doing such things, that ideal will manifest itself in your life.

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