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In fact I dont believe the one I had even had resonators...maybe it was an alteration but again, they have a host of problems. Buescher acquired the Elhart Band Instrument Company (similar to Conn's purchase of Pan American and Martin's of Indiana) and retained the name (with the "Built by Buescher" tag) for its second line of horns -- student or intermediate quality depending on individual experience.

I'm considering swapping parts to get one working to see how it plays, but I thought I'd see if anyone had experience with these first. I had one someone sold me as a regular buescher on ebay :evil: played it for five minutes and immediately put it back on line ..course identifing it for what it is...a student grade horn. IMHO, after playing one, it aint no Buescher..Ive had a real buescher. Cheap student horn..can bend the bell with your hand...a soda pop can...well, almost.

I’m not sure that there is a sax player, current or former, over the age of 30, who hasn’t at one time in his or her musical life, either played a Bundy, or sat next to someone, who played a Bundy saxophone.

Bundy, and then their slightly less popular successors, the Bundy II, were staples in most bandrooms in North America for decades.

It was the first bari I'd ever played...perhaps ever seen..for a while I puffed and blew that beastie quite unaware of what other treats lay out there in the big, wide world.

I believe I did see a thread on the old forum where a tech had reported that Buescher produced a bad batch of Elkharts -- incurable intonation problems -- that pretty much ended the line. Stencilman, since you have all your kids playing Martins, perhaps you can find some other deserving student players who might be pleased with your Elkharts! Lots of pieces are missing and I could probably only get two full horns out of the whole lot. Lots of soldering which is a skill I am not proficient at.

That said, I will dissent, in part, from Sigmund451's harsh judgment.

The are clearly Aristocrat horns with somewhat thinner metal and lacking ribbon guards (but note the similarity to the New Aristocrat/very early Aristocrat), amber rollers, Norton springs, and snaps.

This document is divided into sections that address the most frequently-asked questions about buying a saxophone.

One of the biggest decisions you will face will be new vs. modern, so you may want to look those sections over first.

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