Dating gang members

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Yes, many gangs have "gangbangers" out shooting up everything and each other. Jail tattoos (done with pens usually in one color and looking amateurish) can say a lot about a person's criminal history. True criminal gangs can be every race and male or female.But some gang members are just kids with no home life trying to make a way of life with stability and culture. Other than the police or other law enforcement, no one needs to clarify for certain if someone is a gang member. If you need to know a person's gang member status, be respectful and remember that gangs are really families to some young people. Be curious about the gang and what it means to the person. A lot is made of "colors" flying blue or red clothing, and things like bandannas establishing gang affiliation. If you ask someone with respect and a genuine desire to know, he or she is likely to give a truthful answer.If someone is dating your kid, and you want to know, ask.But don't profile or assume one race wearing one color means anything.

You might run with a crowd that you know through school, your neighborhood, or through mutual friends.Johnson, who has denied all charges, is accused of being, in the words of a prosecutor in the case, "directly affiliated" with the infamous "Bloods" gang.CBS News chief investigative correspondent Armen Keteyian and Sports Illustrated spent five months looking into the influence violent gangs are having on college sports.The implications of these findings for research and policy are discussed.Determining who might be a member of a gang needs to be done with caution and without assumptions. If he admits he is part of a gang, find out what the gang means to him and what it represents to his community. But it might also mean the person had clean blue clothes that day. Don't follow people to see if they hook up with a gang and then go out shooting guns and threatening people.

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