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Almost every person who is working from home either works very hard in their twenties to build their own business or they worked hard in their twenties to specialize so that it was too costly for the company to replace them. I’m actually a fan of approaching your biological clock head-on instead of procrastinating by freezing your eggs. Meg Jay has a great Ted Talk about how people in their twenties spend too much time making dead-end decisions that they pretend don’t count.

So when they ask, it is easier to let them work from home. That seems like you’re just putting off the inevitable realities of having a family. Instead, focus on using a systematic way to try new jobs and new relationships to figure where you fit.

Dtaing Your Thirties Actually, let's not just "hang out"? If you wish to snort your morning coffee or at least give a vehement head-nod, here are the links that are worth clicking.30 Signs You’re Almost 30 27 Underrated Things About Being In Your Thirties At dinner with a friend recently, as the Zinfandel gradually disappeared from our glasses the conversation turned to more honest admissions. Thanks to some major life events and a big ass sign from above, I decided to move to Atlanta shortly thereafter.Here are things to do in your twenties to make your thirties fun. But there are relatively few types of jobs that translate to a career from home.Survey the types of careers that are typical of at‑home workers and set yourself up for one of them.

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