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It also boosts user productivity and overall user satisfaction with IT services.

One of the most powerful features of this service is that system administrators can receive notification when a user's account becomes locked.

With a few taps an administrator can disable a user's account.

There's no need to wait for paperwork or a lengthy process—simply notify the administrator who accesses the Pulseway App and disables the account within seconds of notification.

The important part here is that the user is not authenticating directly against a Windows domain controller for authentication.

An SSPR solution allows the AD credentials to be reset but does nothing to affect the cached credentials on the client machine.

And in the case of a potential attack, the administrators might not know for days.

Logging in as local admin shows the user account is still listed in Users & Groups systems prefs pane.The Active Directory Connector (AD Connector) allows syncing between an Active Directory (AD) and a Dropbox Business team.The AD Connector automatically syncs changes made in Active Directory to Dropbox.We get questions about Active Directory credential caching quite often from customers and prospects.Since we provide Active Directory solutions, it would make sense that we have insight into AD credentials caching in Windows but the caching mechanism is actually a function of the client and not the server.

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