Getting to know someone dating

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Tip #3: Match the question you ask to the current situation you’re in.

For example, if you’re on a first date, don’t ask #21 What Makes You Cry?

Below, I’ve put together 75 thought-provoking, interesting and deep questions to get to know someone.

They’re questions that will ignite stimulating, personal conversations and will help you to build deeper connections with people.

Dare I say, we don’t really acknowledge the value in processing. Ideas are now tangible, cropped, photographed, and displayed online for the validation of others.

It’s almost as if we are afraid of process, terrified of looking like we are taking too long in the process and god-forbid we’d be indecisive! Our efficiency has increased with the ticks of modern must-haves. We sort of skip the in-between time it takes to build something so we can gulp the glorious feast of our ideas in full fruition before us. We convince ourselves with reasoning like, “what we need immediately must serve its purpose.” This can be a true statement if impulse guides us in moments of discovery, even when meeting someone new.

What do you ask on a first date or when getting to know someone?

Physical attraction is one thing, however are you ever at a loss for words on a first date?

It can be stressful to act like your completely normal character since it puts you in a vulnerable position, but keep in mind that your date is just as interested in getting to know you and developing a positive, healthy relationship as you are with them.Tip #2: Many of these questions will bring up sensitive material.If a question touches on their fears, missed opportunities, or anything else intimate, respond with compassion and sensitivity.Now, these questions are powerful on their own, but I do have a few tips to help you get the most out of them: Tip #1: After asking the question, give the person the time they need to answer.Don’t quickly change the subject or fire off another question.

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