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Defined as a line of closely spaced trees and shrubs, a hedgerow is planted to form a barrier which is usually a fence.

It is also referred to as a hedge, living fence, or green fence.

If the skies were blue Mick was up in a plane taking photographs of hitherto undiscovered sites, if it was raining he was uncontactable in the library at Downside Abbey.

Mick was well known not only to the general public for his appearances on the long-running Channel 4 series , but also for his academic contribution to medieval, monastic and landscape archaeology, and to generations of adult education students across south-west England.

• Choose the right location for the hedgerow.• Choose the right fencing plants.• Determine the height of the fence.• Determine its width.• Determine spacing for the plants.• Survey the planting area ready to install the fence.• Plant the shrubs or trees.• Stake weak plants to provide support.• Protect your young green fence from animals.• Trim your fencing plants.• Protect your hedge from weeds, pests, and diseases.

A living fence established at a wrong place in a property can interfere with the movement of people, so choosing the right location for the hedge is very important.

The parish of Codicote, the village and the worked landscape around it, has existed for over 2,000 years. While little remains above ground of Bronze Age hut and burial mounds or Iron Age settlements, a prehistoric, and later Roman, road runs along the parish boundary. The churchyard and parts of the church are Norman, while a number of hamlets are mediaeval; many hedges still record the shape of the mediaeval open fields and strips.

The form of the village reflects its heyday as a market town; many houses date to the early 17th century.

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