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I’ve shared links below (don’t look if you want to …Read more We creatives just love reading, don’t we?In claiming Alexy for herself, Tara is following the precedent set by Ulrika Jonsson, who started seeing Lance Gerrard-Wright while ostensibly trying to find him a girlfriend on the ITV1 show Mr Right.The pair married in 2003 - but split two years later.Likewise, 36-year-old reformed cocaine addict Tara was said to have been "all over" former public schoolboy Alexy while filming the eight-week series on a Devon farm.During the show - which is still being screened on Living - the contestants took part in such countryside tasks as fishing, sheep-shearing and making jam, with Alexy - the son of Belgian countess Pinkie Le Grelle - gradually whittling them down to his favourite. But, according to one contestant, they never stood a chance given the chemistry between 25-year-old Alexy and the troubled socialite. ..' from her - and when some of the girls confronted him he just laughed and tried to brush it off.According to the producers, each half-hour episode of New England Living TV will focus on the things that matter most to everyone – family, friends, good food and, of course, home.

Summer 1999 to date: the voice of various Channel 4 trailers including ER, Friends, Jo Brand, and Right to Reply.Parents need to know that this informative series -- which explores how the production and distribution of everyday things impacts the environment -- is relatively mild aside from occasional strong language ("ass," "s--t") and passing references to looking "sexy." Younger kids may be bored by some of the scientific information, and sensitive viewers could be upset by some of the images and/or discussions about the life-threatening impact of harmful pesticides and other chemicals on animals and humans." /The series' information -- which focuses on how the production and distribution of everyday things can have a serious environmental impact -- is given from multiple points of view and encourages consumers to ask their own questions and make their own informed choices.Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday morning I invite you Behind the Scenes at my studio.Today: Today is the Jamie Ridler Studios summer season finale! I’m always adding wonderful books to my creative living bookshelf – and I bet you are too!

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