No sighn up strip cams

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Moments before Paul O’Neal, 18, was shot and killed in the South Shore neighborhood Thursday night, he’d rammed the Jaguar he was driving into one police car and sideswiped another. ”The officers at the scene had only received body cameras a week earlier when they were first introduced to cops at the South Chicago district police station.Two officers fired at O’Neal while he was still in the car. Body cam video from the two officers who opened fire — but did not fire the fatal shot — guided Police Supt.

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Compression ratio and engine size will also affect which camshaft is best.

For example, the same performance camshaft installed in a 400ci small-block will sound significantly tamer and have a lower powerband than the same cam installed in a smaller 283.

This is because (all else being equal) the smaller engine has less volume (less pumping capability) and less engine vacuum.

Guglielmi said their body cameras were working and captured the discharge of their weapons. Eddie Johnson’s decision the day after the shooting to strip them of their police powers and assign them to desk duty.

A third officer — who police say fired the fatal shot — opened fire on O’Neal, who was unarmed, after he’d exited the car, hitting him in the back, Guglielmi said. Johnson said he believed their actions violated official police policy.

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