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Java provides a fairly robust set of collection APIs which Open SAML has chosen to use in a more direct manner than some other projects.

Many XMLObjects contain a collection of child objects, for example a SAML Assertion may contain many Statements.

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Negative financial or legal consequences can result if data is intercepted by third parties, or if fraudulent data is accepted as valid.

Again, in the example of Assertions and Statements, the Assertion class exposes a to traverse or edit the collection, use JDK 1.5 foreach loops, perform mutation operations like add, remove, and clear, and retrieval operations, and the returned collection class will "do the right thing" in respect to adding/removing the objects as children of the contain class. This library is very similar to the Jakarta Commons Logging (JCL) library but differs in two significant ways.Separate instances representing each unique set of configurations can be created.For example you may wish to create a parser pool that performs schema validation during parsing while another instance does not.It is important to understand the basic hierarchy of fundamental objects within Open SAML prior to reading this manual so that you understand the difference between, for example, an XMLObject and a SAMLObject.So, here are the basics: that it provides to perform XML parsing.

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