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Learn about your conflict-resolution style to help you resolve problems and issues as effectively as possible.

Ever wondered how you could best solve problems with others who are so different than you?

The skill of your performance in each conflict-handling mode relies on your ability to recognize the benefits of a mode while also being able to minimize its cost.

The list of benefits and costs of each conflict-handling mode, along with related tips and feedback are as follows: The Competing Conflict-Handling Mode Kenneth W.

According to the Enneagram, there are nine universal personality types.

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Thus, Allport attempted to explain personality be answering the question of uniqueness versus universality. He did this by looking through a dictionary and writing down any terms that described a person's personality.Every human being emerges from childhood with an inborn temperament and dominating personality traits.Believe it or not, your DNA encodes most personality characteristics.Each can be highly effective if used properly in the right circumstance.The key to successfully utilizing each conflict is based on knowing when to use each mode, and then having the skills to perform each mode well.

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