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With York known as the most haunted city in the whole of Britain, this comes as no surprise.With a blood-soaked history stretching back to the Vikings and Romans, many pubs in York claim to have a resident ghost. If that seems odd, remember that there are many soft ripe cheeses that smell like the north end of a southbound Angus bull, and yet many people love them. This word is used to describe a rustic smell that some Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs can have, and there are people who like it.

Then again, how else could oenophiles describe their beverage of choice?You'll like it even less when I tell you it's a kind of mold that grows on berries.But when it's on grapes, it can cause them to dry out, concentrating their flavors.Many a ghost walk stop off at pubs around York, so keep an eye out when you’re spending a penny.In the Bow Bells Pub in Bow, East London, a mischievous spirit flushes the ladies toilets whilst people are sat on them! Well, the locals and owners took their haunted toilets so seriously back in the 1970s that they actually held a séance to rid the pub of the phantom.

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