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Since that time I have had the pleasure to return to the Copper River Valley to serve our Lord alongside other fellow believers.

The experience here has been rewarding and refreshing, caring for the people of this beautiful part of Alaska.

Neil Darish was up on the roof shoveling a heavy snow off his Mc Carthy Lodge when he saw the two well-worn pickups coming down the road.

It was a frigid January afternoon in 2002, a time of year when even a single unfamiliar vehicle is a strange sight in Mc Carthy; almost nobody visits in wintertime, when the 60-mile dirt route to town becomes a continuous, treacherous sheet of ice and the sun rises above the Wrangell Mountains for only a few hours each day.

Often God uses singular events to meet several needs at once, and this certainly fell in line with this principle.

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He said that he and his children had come to Mc Carthy looking for a new home.

The potential addition of so many new residents was big news for a town of 50 that doesn't often get big news.

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