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efikasno povezuje kupce i prodavce i pruža savete i informacije iz oblasti automobilizma i saobraćaja.

To that end, this website boasts one of the biggest collections of advice and articles on single parents dating.We have plenty of members who are looking for someone just like you.She started her career as a singer in the local Adelaide acid jazz band Crisp in the mid-1990s.Serbian language uses either all-numeric form of dates in the little-endian date-month-year order, or the same order in which numerical month is replaced with its literal name. Years can be written either with four or two digits, and in the latter case, century is usually replaced with an apostrophe (31. The 24-hour clock is almost exclusively used in writing, while spoken language is dominated by the 12-hour clock, usually without noting whether the hour is AM or PM – that information is derived from the context.The dot is used as a separator, followed by space and matches the convention of pronouncing day, month and year as ordinal numbers (31. However, when time of the day needs to be emphasized, many descriptive alternatives exist, since AM/PM are not known to Serbian language: Note that certain periods overlap, and are given roughly, since this colloquial use of the language is not regulated and is mostly customary.

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