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The pair were set up by hip pastor Carl Lentz, as they both attend his church, which has been described as “Arcade Fire — it’s epic like that.” Rumors that the star and basketball enthusiast were dating began to swirl when Bieber was photographed last month mid-Face Time with Steinfeld.And most recently, Bieber reportedly “met up” with the actress in New York on Monday night after she attended the Met Gala.Well, we can certainly see why he'd be attracted to the actress and singer after her appearance at the Met Gala last night.Hailee rocked the famous red carpet in a look straight off Vera Wang's AW17 runway and we have to say she's one of our best dressed of the night.

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With the stadium tour, he will be able to perform for bigger crowds, as many as 40,000 – 50,000 per show.

When Ellen came right out and asked, “Who are you dating?

” Justin quickly and confidently responded, "I am not dating anybody. I’m not really looking, either.” He also said he isn’t one for dating apps like Tinder.

Ellen pried, asking, "Have you ever been in Tinder?

” Justin responded like he was on trial, saying, “I haven’t.” After Ellen told Biebs he looked healthy, the two showed off their arm muscles to see who had the bigger biceps.

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