Whos keira knightley dating

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But Keira didn’t forget about her man – she was just enjoying mopping up the limelight at the after party of her latest film.

Wearing a stunning red, floorlength Burberry dress with Louboutin heels, she accentuated her outfit with smokey eyes and wore her hair scraped up into a glamorous do.

This was a difficult task due to her struggle with dyslexia, yet she tried hard to finally excel at school.

It would get quite dull if you were working with the same person creatively all the time. (Knightley previously said in an interview in March 2014 all of her characters have "either died or [were] subjected to situations that were…horrific.") PHOTOS: Hot British stars "With a feel-good film you are always risking going way too cheesy," Knightley told the magazine, "But maybe I can have a little holiday where I’m not playing a character who is being destroyed." actress plays Greta, Adam Levine's character's girlfriend."He did play a d-ckhead very well," Knightley says of Levine's acting debut, where he plays a good-looking musician who gets blinded by fame and fortune.Keira Knightley currently stars in "Anna Karenina," her third collaboration with director Joe Wright.Backstage's Great Perforamnces issue, on newsstands Dec.

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